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Baby Blake // Utah Newborn Portrait and Family Photography

Lifestyle newborn photography session with baby Blake – photographed at home with her parents, August + Meagan in February 2018 !

Five Steps to Ensure Genuine Smiles at Your Engagement Session

Earlier this week I was asked to write a blog post for Guesterly! (Getting married, or not, you absolutely need to check these guys out). I thought it would be fun to give you that same blog post here on my own website. Thanks to copy + paste for making it possible! You can see the original blog post here.


Meet Chelsie Starley, a seasoned wedding photographer who has shot events around the globe! Chelsie loves people and has an amazing gift of documenting authentic moments during her photoshoots. This week we had the pleasure of talking to her about her top tips to brides, from a photographers perspective, to ensure genuine smiles at your engagement session.
I promise nothing will make your photographer happier than showing up at the designated time. Completely aside from them having to wait around for you, it is truly in your best interest because absolutely no photographer can control the sun. You might think we’re all rockstars, but in complete truth, we cannot. Your photographer has most likely very intentionally given you a time for your session that will work so magically with the sun coming over the mountains at just the right time to make all of your beautiful, gorgeous, sun-filled, glowing dreams come true – but if you show up an hour late, the sun will be down in 30 minutes and then you’re only going to get 30 minutes worth of photos – who wins in that situation? No one, no one wins.With that said! When you are late, because, let’s be honest, everyone is late to their engagement session – don’t stress! Photographers ARE rockstars, (I mean if you’ve hired one of the good ones at least) they can turn an little itsy bit of light into a masterpiece and everything is going to be a-okay. Take solace in knowing, you’re not the first couple that’s been late to their engagement session.Then again, if you’re photographer says “Let’s meet at 6:00!” Maybe put 5:30 in your calendar, and then if you forget you tricked yourself and show up a half hour early, you’ll be stressing out your photographer, instead of yourself… muahahaha now you’ve got the upper hand. (:
2. PICK OUT YOUR CLOTHES A WEEK BEFORE (and then set them aside!)
Nothing is worse than trying to get everything together 5 minutes before you’re supposed to be meeting your photographer. So this will help with tip number 1, and will also help with you two lookin’ REAL GOOD. Picking your clothes out a week before will help you when you have a freak out and need to raid your friend’s closets or hit the shops, because you’ll still have a whole week to do it! And if you set your things aside, it will ensure that you have EVERYTHING you need (I can’t even tell you how many grooms have forgotten their pants, or their shirt, or their shoes… or all three.) The 1 week rule will also give you time to wash your clothes. Guys, YOU GOTTA SMELL GOOD, SMELLING GOOD WILL BRING YOU THE CONFIDENCE YOU NEED.
Hit up In-N-Out Burger BEFORE your engagement session, not after. You don’t wanna be hangry, your photographer doesn’t want to you to be hangry. Every bride needs a fed groom, I can tell you that much. But if you’re both coming from work and have no time to stop and get food… pack in some snacks for the car. Get yourself a big fat fountain soda and a granola bar, or water and an apple, or a cookie or a freaking entire cake. Whatever you need to feel the opposite of hangry, do that.

If you’ve hired a good photographer – they’re gonna make sure you look good. You don’t need to send photos of poses you like beforehand, and that doesn’t need to be on your mind during the session either. Here’s the way I think of it – as long as I can make my client’s comfortable around me, they’re going to give me their genuine selves. That is absolutely what you want from an engagement session – you want to look genuinely happy and in love – so worry less about how you look and concentrate on loving the person you’re with!


This goes a lot along with #4. Don’t stress, just have fun with it. If you’re having fun the photos are going to turn out great! No matter how many things went wrong getting to your engagement session, you’re here now! You get to hang out with your very favorite person and your only job is to be in love with them! TALK ABOUT IDEAL!

All photos taken by the amazing, Chelsie Starley. To see more of her work and to book her for your upcoming event check outhttp://chelsiestarleyphotography.com/


Baby Hazel // Utah Newborn Portrait and Family Photography

Lifestyle newborn photography session with baby Hazel – photographed at home with her first time parents, Bryce + Amy in May 2016! 1ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3041 2ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3031 3ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3042 4ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3072 5ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3060 6ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3088 7ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3096 8ChelsieStarleyPhotography-2936 9ChelsieStarleyPhotography-2957 10ChelsieStarleyPhotography-2959 11ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3001 12ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3018 13ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3107 14ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3125 15ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3120 16ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3141 17ChelsieStarleyPhotography-313721ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3226 18ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3182 19ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3172 20ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3194 22ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3243 23ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3270 24ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3276

Mr. & Mrs. Flores // Provo, Utah LDS City Center Temple Bridals

Richard Flores and Kelsey Baer Flores photographed at the Provo Utah LDS City Center Temple in April 2016.
ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1186ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1170ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1198 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1194ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1233 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1214 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1270 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1290 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1317 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1338 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1405 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1416 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1449 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1497 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1512 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1517 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1545 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1591 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1599 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1665ChelsieStarleyPhotography-2466 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1683 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1713 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1733ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1640 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1760 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1862 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1893ChelsieStarleyPhotography-2503ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1966 ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1951ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1841

Bunker Family // Gilbert / Mesa, Arizona Family Portrait Photographer

Chad and Carissa let me photograph their cutest little family among the cacti in near their home in Mesa, Arizona. 7ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6218 8ChelsieStarleyPhotography-626911ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6303 9ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6295 10ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6297 12ChelsieStarleyPhotography-63151ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6139 2ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6166 4ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6178 5ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6199 6ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6208 13ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6330 14ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6347 15ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6352 16ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6376 18ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6393 19ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6410 20ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6436 21ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6455 22ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6463 23ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6477 25ChelsieStarleyPhotography-650929ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6581 27ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6530 31ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6614 32ChelsieStarleyPhotography-662936ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6691 35ChelsieStarleyPhotography-667637ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6719 38ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6773 39ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6792 41ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6804 42ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6806 43ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6814 44ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6815 45ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6831 46ChelsieStarleyPhotography-684648ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6877 49ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6898 50ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6938 51ChelsieStarleyPhotography-694855ChelsieStarleyPhotography-705156ChelsieStarleyPhotography-7055 53ChelsieStarleyPhotography-7013

Mr. & Mrs. Sharrah // Salt Lake City, Utah Big Cottonwood Canyon Bridal Photos

Richard Sharrah and Jessica Jackson Sharrah, photographed in snowy Big Cottonwood Canyon last month.

Richard  is a an actor on YouTube famous Kid History (@boredshortstv). Jessica, is a professional princess at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando – she’s the real deal! They met here in Utah when they were set up on a blind date by a family member. Photographing an actual princess was about as fun as shoots come – not to mention a photogenic groom at her side. Her lovely gown is from Alta Moda Bridal, and his tux is Mens Warehouse. They were married in December 2015.

1ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3643 2ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3653 3ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3663 4ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3718 5ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3690 6ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3743 7ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3611 8ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3634 9ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3862 10ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3886 11ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3892 12ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3959 13ChelsieStarleyPhotography-3964 14ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4003 15ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4049 16ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4027 17ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4109 18ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4091 19ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4248 20ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4176 21ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4269 22ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4186 23ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4385 24ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4303 25ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4399 26ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4483 27ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4530 28ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4339 29ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4451 30ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4666 31ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4695 32ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4578 33ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4700

Alden Family // Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah Family Portrait Photographer

The Alden Family, photographed in their very snowy back yard in the Canyons Resort of Park City, Utah | December 2015
15ChelsieStarleyPhotography-8849 8ChelsieStarleyPhotography-877311ChelsieStarleyPhotography-880910ChelsieStarleyPhotography-879312ChelsieStarleyPhotography-88139ChelsieStarleyPhotography-879020ChelsieStarleyPhotography-892022ChelsieStarleyPhotography-894523ChelsieStarleyPhotography-894821ChelsieStarleyPhotography-893225ChelsieStarleyPhotography-897926ChelsieStarleyPhotography-898616ChelsieStarleyPhotography-886618ChelsieStarleyPhotography-8874 17ChelsieStarleyPhotography-887028ChelsieStarleyPhotography-8998 27ChelsieStarleyPhotography-8992 29ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9158 30ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9176 31ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9187 32ChelsieStarleyPhotography-918919ChelsieStarleyPhotography-8911 33ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9202 34ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9212 35ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9218 36ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9226 37ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9233 38ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9248 39ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9262

Mr. & Mrs. Harmon // Salt Lake City, White Studio Room Bridals

Mr. Blake Harmon and Mrs. Brooklin Chynoweth Harmon, photographed in downtown Salt Lake City at the Studio Room in December 2015.

1ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1164 2ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1170 3ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1396 4ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1765 5ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1612 6ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1475 7ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1486 8ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1318 9ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1298 10ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1504 11ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1589 12ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1601 13ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1543 14ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1942 15ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1803 16ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1868 17ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1104 18ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1244 19ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1202 20ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1276 21ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1963 22ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1650 23ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1660 24ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1639 25ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1678 26ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1712 27ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1696 28ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1738 29ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1754 30ChelsieStarleyPhotography-2048 31ChelsieStarleyPhotography-2052 32ChelsieStarleyPhotography-1894 33ChelsieStarleyPhotography-2079

Lindsley Family // Utah County Family Portrait Photographer

The Lindsley Family, photographed at a studio in Provo, Utah in December 2015. This was a really fun group to work with. My favorite kind of family to photograph – filled with personality and fun!

1ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9735 2ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9725 3ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9740 4ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9743 5ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9751 6ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9752 7ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9767 8ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9755 9ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9848 10ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9861 11ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9631 12ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9651 13ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9638 14ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9610 15ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9707 16ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9879 17ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9865 18ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9867 19ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9889 20ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9892 21ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9915 22ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9936 23ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9938 24ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9930 25ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9962 26ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9670 27ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9966 28ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9969 29ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9779 30ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9785 31ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9786 32ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9791 33ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9794 34ChelsieStarleyPhotography-983525ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9840 36ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9844 37ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9816 38ChelsieStarleyPhotography-0006 39ChelsieStarleyPhotography-2 40ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9682 41ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9696 42ChelsieStarleyPhotography-9698 43ChelsieStarleyPhotography-0021 44ChelsieStarleyPhotography-0025 45ChelsieStarleyPhotography-0031

The Becksteads at Home // Salt Lake City Lifestyle Photography

Chase + Cheyenne Beckstead, about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in the next few weeks. We photographed them in their downtown Salt Lake City, Utah apartment before moving out. Chey is studying interior design at LDS Business college – to say she has a knack for it, would be an understatement! I love the way these two put everything together in this apartment! Sophisticated and fun. Thanks for letting me into your home! These at home portrait sessions are my very favorite.
55ChelsieStarleyPhotography-693354ChelsieStarleyPhotography-692452ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6878 copy1ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6218 2ChelsieStarleyPhotography-623131ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6755 copy 3ChelsieStarleyPhotography-624232ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6758 4ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6295 copy 6ChelsieStarleyPhotography-633233ChelsieStarleyPhotography-676850ChelsieStarleyPhotography-686551ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6867 7ChelsieStarleyPhotography-636326ChelsieStarleyPhotography-666324ChelsieStarleyPhotography-663325ChelsieStarleyPhotography-663649ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6863 copy27ChelsieStarleyPhotography-671728ChelsieStarleyPhotography-671829ChelsieStarleyPhotography-674440ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6794 copy41ChelsieStarleyPhotography-679810ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6416 copy8ChelsieStarleyPhotography-637711ChelsieStarleyPhotography-642936ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6780 copy47ChelsieStarleyPhotography-683123ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6612 copy38ChelsieStarleyPhotography-678637ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6784 12ChelsieStarleyPhotography-646113ChelsieStarleyPhotography-648942ChelsieStarleyPhotography-680745ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6817 copy46ChelsieStarleyPhotography-682043ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6809 14ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6514 16ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6529 17ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6549 18ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6560 19ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6567 20ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6581 21ChelsieStarleyPhotography-658953ChelsieStarleyPhotography-6891