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The Coppins at Home // Utah Lifestyle Photography

I believe documenting life is important. Ashley + Chase were married back in November of 2013 – and since then, this has been their first home together. So before they packed up and moved on to their next housing adventure, I asked if I could document them in their first home. I decided it was something everyone needed to do after flipping through my parents old photo albums and seeing their first places – the way they decorated, what the space was like, and what they looked like at that fun newlywed point in life. I think the future Coppins’ kids will thank their parents for giving them a sneak peek into what their first 2 years of marriage looked like back in 2015. 1ChelsieStarleyPhotography-5157 2ChelsieStarleyPhotography-5155 3ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4807 4ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4797 5ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4789 6ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4942 7ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4782 8ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4960 9ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4843 10ChelsieStarleyPhotography-480311ChelsieStarleyPhotography-485612ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4781 13ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4882 14ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4871 15ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4828 copy 16ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4816 17ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4996 18ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4970 19ChelsieStarleyPhotography-5040 copy 20ChelsieStarleyPhotography-503221ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4812 copy22ChelsieStarleyPhotography-505523ChelsieStarleyPhotography-507124ChelsieStarleyPhotography-509125ChelsieStarleyPhotography-508126ChelsieStarleyPhotography-481927ChelsieStarleyPhotography-483328ChelsieStarleyPhotography-482329ChelsieStarleyPhotography-514430ChelsieStarleyPhotography-514831ChelsieStarleyPhotography-4889


  1. Erika
    February 26, 2015

    Loved the B&W for all of these. Probably one of my favorite shoots I’ve seen you do. Great job capturing it!

  2. ibada (run by rural)
    February 26, 2015

    this is beautiful. wonderful photos chelsie. already in love with your work and following you on IG! we love ashley and chase.


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